the AGM of January 2024

The opportunity to make a nice (and long) slideshow review of the years 2022 and 2023 at SCOPS!

0. Assignment of the roles of manager, scribe and facilitator

1. Presentation of Scops

2. How was 2022-2023 at Scops?

-> Resident associations/collectives and/or which offer activities

-> Other currently regular activities

-> Past activities

-> Some events

-> Works, construction sites, developments

3. Collectives/associations/projects/workshops 2024?!

4. Accounts

5. Election of board members

6. Questions/answers and debate

05/01/24: Maison Dieu

This vocal/guitar/bass/drums trio was born in 2014 in Italy. Their tracks are characterized by a powerful but also melodic and psychedelic sound, accompanied by lyrics sung in different languages such as Italian, English and a new language created by Ester. The musical influences are very varied: alternative rock, stoner, doom, Celtic and ethnic music.

Gauak concert and performances/surprises 09/12/2023

Lea Marie Uria and Naia Burucoase met in Berlin in 2019 and started talking about playing music together at the exact time Lea Marie was trying to piece together the history of her Basque ancestors. She “found” them (or they “found” her thanks to Naia’s help) and they then created Gauak (formerly PositiveHardcore), an experimental electro duo where everything is sung or said in Basque about identity , transidentity and nature. Just a computer, voices and a universe.

Colorful intro by two people who are currently doing Passe-Muraille professional training in circus arts :p
Someone was drawing during the concert :)

Russian lessons

Olga, a Russian professor with a law degree at the University of St. Petersburg, invites you to familiarize yourself with the Russian language.
Normal or accelerated formula, it has numerous course materials.
Beginner to advanced students. For an advanced level it offers materials on jurisprudence and politics, subtitled films and a science fiction book.

Course materials:
Videos to learn to read: Russian Alphabet Sounds. – Каруселька ТВ Учимся читать – Russian alphabet english videos

Other useful links:*=7JOa1g61DYadwgPHP2hX4oz3%2FgZ7InVybCI6InlhLWRpc2stcHVibGljOi8vamhuLzlWRlJrY09hYzZ6OGNSeGxJVU9sZ0FGSDM4Q2RBLys0SWxCUUpoMDJvUTBDWVQwUS9zMi9YR3gwK2NmZXEvSjZicG1SeU9Kb25UM1ZvWG5EYWc9PSIsInRpdGxlIjoiMDAxIGRlcyBsaWVucyB1dGlscy5wZGYiLCJub2lmcmFtZSI6ZmFsc2UsInVpZCI6IjAiLCJ0cyI6MTYzMDI3ODg1NTkwMSwieXUiOiIxODI4OTQzNTkxNjMwMjc3ODYyIn0%3D

06/2018 – at SPAM – ENCORE concert

Obsessed with vintage keyboards, he hits the drums.
Inhabited by torn rhythms, it fuzz, filter and crunch…

Still digs a singular voice which mixes heady melodies and “club” energy, dense textures, improvisation and sense of sound details, combined with an astonishing stage presence which sees the duo playing back to back, surrounded by mirror mobiles.

Maria Laurent, keyboards / Clément Chanaud-Ferrenq, drums

Cinema Festival

Boris Lehman general tour!Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHSpam organized a film festival around the Belgian filmmaker Boris Lehman who came May 20, 21 and 22 to present two feature films and 5 short films in four different locations. We were welcomed by the FJT The Birds, THE Scene and the Roommate from Jura.

Friday May 20
The FJT The Birds – 8:30 p.m.
Like Adrienne, 115 minutes

Saturday May 21
The roommate from Jura – 4 p.m.
Dumb as a carp, 38 minutes
Things that connect me to beings, 15 minutes
The last (s)scene, 14 minutes

Sunday May 22
The Scene – 2:30 p.m.
Magnum Begynasium Bruxellense, 145 mins
Spam – 8:30 p.m.
Beautiful cruise, 35 minutes
Red MUDH, 35 minutes

Program to download

a comme adrienne -
Like Adrienne

16 mm – color – 115 minutes – Belgium – 2000

This film is a gift. Gift given to a lady. A lady that I love and who loves me. Adrienne is not my mother. She is not Jewish.
She is 77 years old, the age limit for reading the adventures of Tintin.

The film is divided into seven lessons and a few digressions: the swimming lesson, the driving lesson, the cooking lesson, the sewing lesson, the botany lesson, the etiquette lesson, and the cinema lesson, the only one given by Boris, while all the others are given by Adrienne.

Adrienne lived in Iran for fourteen years, with her husband, a surgeon.
working in the holy city of Meched. When her husband died, she
returns to Brussels near her children and grandchildren. Having learned the Persian language and having endeavored to collect and translate folk tales from the Khorasan region, she ended up putting a little bit of the Orient in her pocket and a lot of sunshine in her stories. If cinema may have changed Adrienne's life, Adrienne will have worked to change mine.

Dumb as a carp

16 mm – color – 38 minutes – Belgium – 1987

From the pond to the plate, the journey and destiny of a carp, among others. This will be eaten stuffed during a festive meal. Polish-style stuffed carp, also called “Gefilte Fish” in Yiddish, is a traditional dish among Ashkenazi Jews. It is prepared sweet and served cold at the start of the meal. The head of the fish is reserved for the head of the family.

Filmed in Brussels, at the time of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), the film focuses on showing the culinary preparations, as well as the ritual and prayers that accompany them, emphasizing the sacrifice of fish and death. concentration camp.

“In your fishponds, in your ponds
Carp, may you live long
Does death forget you,
Fish of melancholy »
(Guillaume Apollinaire)

Things that connect me to beings
16 mm – color – 15 minutes – Belgium – 2010

The film presents itself as a Prévert-style inventory. His title
is inspired by Bedside Notes, by the Japanese writer Sei Shônagon who was in the first half of the 11th century lady of honor at the
service of Empress Teishi. We obviously think of Georges
Perec, major writer of the OuLiPo group, but also at Dada or Fluxus. The images and words follow one another like in a poem.

Since René Magritte's famous “ceci n'est pas une pipe”, we know well that the evidence is misleading, that words, like images, can be diverted from their primary function.

Name, enumerate, that is to say invent the object through images and words, by filming it. Act of creation, as God did at the beginning with Heaven and Earth, with Adam and Eve.

I show the camera some objects from my daily life (which are also allegories) that belonged to others that I loved or
encountered to finally observe and conclude that “I am the sum of everything others have given me”.

Sentimental museum of which I would be the guardian. Each object, each “thing” has its story. What mysterious connection can there be between these things? Between these things and me?

The last (s)scene,
The Gospel according to St. Boris
16 mm – color – 14 minutes – Belgium – 2003

The dialogues are taken from the Gospel according to St. John.
The apostles are almost all filmmakers, friends (and disciples) of Boris Lehman who came to play in front of the last artist's house-studio, left standing facing the new buildings of the European Parliament. The role of Judas is played by Claudio Pazienza and Boris Lehman plays Christ. The staging is inspired by the fresco painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

The film was shot in a few hours, on a Sunday morning in front of an incredible, almost Hollywood setting, in a street completely razed by real estate developers, just before the police arrived.

Magnum Begynasium Bruxellense

Magnum Begynasium Bruxellense
16 mm – black and white – 145 minutes – Belgium – 1978

Living chronicle of the inhabitants of the Béguinage district, as well as
named by what it is located on the site of the former
Brussels beguinage. Conceived as an encyclopedic inventory, the film is made up of around thirty chapters nested within each other like so many pieces of a puzzle, or even like a termite mound with numerous and crossed galleries. It takes place in space and in the interstices of a day, beginning at dawn and ending at night.

A Beautiful cruise
16 mm – black and white – 35 minutes – Belgium – 2008

Filmed in Paris and St-Denis s/Seine.
A boat trip to celebrate a birthday with friends
becomes the pretext for a film shoot. Family film which very quickly turns into a fable and a biblical tale. This is the story of Noah's Ark, braving the flood and saving some remains

of humanity, which washes up on the Mounts of Ararat.

With a host of stars and the author himself, in the role of Noah. HAS take in the first and second degree. With humor and

Red Mudh

16 mm – black and white – 35 minutes – Belgium – 2006

Return of the son (Julien) to his father (Arié), who offers him rabbit as a meal, but the son only wants honey. The father goes to look for some in the hive but gets stuck inside. Fairy tale or pastiche, it will all end badly. By the murder of the father. Then comes a hunter who will try to bring some order and who will end up praising chocolate.

Piece by Claude Schmitz created at the sponge factory in 2006.

Afternoon of support

A support afternoon was organized to raise funds so that the Spam can survive and remain a place of exchange and sharing.

The opportunity to get together around a drink and taste the desserts on offer.

There Spam warmly thanks the volunteer cooks and donors for their contribution.


An association premises and more! Come and meet us at 12 rue des Frères Mercier, in Besançon.

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