Activities Organization

SCOPS offers people, associations and collectives the opportunity to take ownership of the place for all kinds ofactivities as :

🪛 🪴 Workshops 🖌️ 🎹
repair, plastic arts, musical jam, languages, engaged discussions, body practices, making plant balms, making testicular contraceptive devices, writing…

🎲 🎶 events 💄 ✊
concert, conference, drag show, meeting, debate evening, dancefloor evening, board games evening, single-sex speaking circle, etc.

Activities outside the premises… (more rarely) dart tournament, apple juice workshop, swimming outing, apartment concert…

We publish our program on our planning, our Facebook page and our Instagram, let's stick some posters for some big events, and have space for flyers and the posters in the room.
We also send a newsletter each month, to subscribe it is possible from here, top left ↖️
Associations and collectives already linked to SCOPS are listed >here

For all activities, participants must join the association 🙂

Membership: the contribution lasts 1 whole year 🗓️
“Basic” price: €5
“Solidarity” price: €1
“Support” price: €15

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