Sunday May 22

On stage
6 Rue de la Vieille Monnaie – Besançon – 2:30 p.m.Magnum Begynasium Bruxellense
Magnum Begynasium Bruxellense
16 mm – black and white – 145 minutes – Belgium – 1978

Living chronicle of the inhabitants of the Béguinage district, as well as
named by what it is located on the site of the former
Brussels beguinage. Conceived as an encyclopedic inventory, the film is made up of around thirty chapters nested within each other like so many pieces of a puzzle, or even like a termite mound with numerous and crossed galleries. He
unfolds in space and in the interstices of a day,
starting at dawn and ending at night.



17 rue de l’École – Besançon – 8:30 p.m.UNE BELLE CROISIERE
A Beautiful cruise
16 mm – black and white – 35 minutes – Belgium – 2008

Filmed in Paris and St-Denis s/Seine.
A boat trip to celebrate a birthday with friends
becomes the pretext for a film shoot. Family film which very quickly turns into a fable and a biblical tale. This is the story of Noah's Ark, braving the flood and saving some remains

of humanity, which washes up on the Mounts of Ararat.

With a host of stars and the author himself, in the role of Noah. HAS take in the first and second degree. With humor and


Red Mudh

16 mm – black and white – 35 minutes – Belgium – 2006

Return of the son (Julien) to his father (Arié), who offers him rabbit as a meal, but the son only wants honey. The father goes to look for some in the hive but gets stuck inside. Fairy tale or pastiche, it will all end badly. By the murder of the father. Then comes A
hunter who will try to bring some order and who will end up praising chocolate.

Piece by Claude Schmitz created at the sponge factory in 2006.

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