A workshop repair (Réparty) takes place every Tuesday evening. We will help you repair your defective items. Whether it is furniture, small household appliances, electronics or IT, we will try to do our best and your participation will be at a free price.

For bicycles, we advise you to contact campus bike at the Crous de la Bouloie or at Cranks at 37 rue Battant. But we still have a minimum of tools that will allow you to make some repairs, as well as reinflate your tires.

We can help you install an operating system on your computer. Being concerned about using only free software, it will be Linux. You can also purchase a desktop or laptop computer, cables and other small peripherals and electronic equipment depending on the donations we receive.

“Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is repaired.”
“With saws, we remake the world!”

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