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SCOPS is an associative, self-managed and self-financed place that we rent, where we are all volunteers. Our financial resources are modest, we try to balance as best as possible between affordable entry prices for the public and decent remuneration for the artists.

Furthermore, for the artists we prepare a meal, there are some free drinks and accommodation if needed 🙂
For the public we sell drinks (and sometimes food) for low/free prices. In addition to entry, membership is compulsory (1€ minimum, for 1 year).

We rather do concerts during the weekend, that is to say Friday evening and Saturday evening, so that there are more people, and because the premises are surrounded by neighbors. This is also why the concerts must end around 10:30 p.m.. There may be more flexibility for concerts that play at a low volume.

The capacity of the room where the concert/show takes place is approximately 60 people 🧑‍🤝‍🧑👯

We have a little sound gear, all recycled and DIY, which works given the size of the room, with an old mixing deck and microphones. Will not suit purists or demanding people! We can discuss your needs before your arrival.

So that we can organize ourselves, send us an email to
[ contact ] telling us:

  • the name of the group and its musical style (approximately)
  • a short description of what you do and a link to songs
  • the dates you are available
  • whether you play covers or compositions and whether they are trademarked or not
  • if you need accommodation
  • if you don't have all the sound equipment with you
  • if you have dietary restrictions

Tell us if it suits you, we will be happy to welcome you 🦉

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