Saturday May 21

Place de Lattre de Tassigny – Besançon – 4 p.m.
Dumb as a carp

16 mm – color – 38 minutes – Belgium – 1987

From the pond to the plate, the journey and destiny of a carp, among others. This will be eaten stuffed during a festive meal. “Polish-style” stuffed carp, also called “Gefilte Fish” in Yiddish, is a traditional dish among Ashkenazi Jews. It is prepared sweet and served cold at the start of the meal. The head of the fish is reserved for the chef

Filmed in Brussels, at the time of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), the film focuses on showing the culinary preparations, as well as the ritual and prayers that accompany them, emphasizing the sacrifice of fish and death. concentration camp.

“In your fishponds, in your ponds
Carp, may you live long
Does death forget you,
Fish of melancholy »
(Guillaume Apollinaire)

Things that connect me to beings
16 mm – color – 15 minutes – Belgium – 2010

The film presents itself as a Prévert-style inventory. His title
is inspired by Bedside Notes, by the Japanese writer Sei Shônagon who was in the first half of the 11th century lady of honor at the
service of Empress Teishi. We obviously think of Georges
Perec, major writer of the OuLiPo group, but also at Dada or Fluxus.
The images and words follow one another like in a poem.

Since René Magritte's famous “ceci n'est pas une pipe”, we know well that the evidence is misleading, that words, like images, can be diverted from their primary function.

Name, enumerate, that is to say invent the object through images and words, by filming it. Act of creation, as God did at the beginning with Heaven and Earth, with Adam and Eve.

I show the camera some objects from my daily life (which are also allegories) that belonged to others that I loved or
encountered to finally observe and conclude that “I am the sum of everything others have given me”.

Sentimental museum of which I would be the guardian. Each object, each “thing” has its story. What mysterious connection can there be between these things? Between these things and me?

The last (s)scene,
The Gospel according to St. Boris
16 mm – color – 14 minutes – Belgium – 2003

The dialogues are taken from the Gospel according to St. John.
The apostles are almost all filmmakers, friends (and disciples) of Boris Lehman who came to play in front of the last artist's house-studio, left standing facing the new buildings of the European Parliament.
The role of Judas is played by Claudio Pazienza and Boris Lehman
embodies Christ.
The staging is inspired by the fresco painted by Leonardo da Vinci in the convent of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan.

The film was shot in a few hours, on a Sunday morning in front of an incredible, almost Hollywood setting, in a street completely razed by real estate developers, just before the arrival of the

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