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This event is running from 1 June 2021 until 19 January 2038. It is next occurring on 6 August 2024 17 h 30 min

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Reparty – Small/medium object repair workshop

Broken glasses?
Squeaky computer fan?
Chair coming apart?
Seized bike chain?
If you don't already know, we will teach you everything about the science of choosing between wd40 lubricant and big gray tape!

Come with your objects, skills, jokes that are a hit and we'll see together what we can get out of them.
Areas covered:
Small furniture
Small appliance
Desktop and laptop computers, peripherals…
Bicycle (excluding spare parts)

Equipment we have available:
Jigsaw, drill, sander,
Standard manual tools: hammer, standard and special screwdrivers, sets of wrenches, saw, etc.
Electronic soldering kit, wires, insulating sheaths, plugs, transformers, multimeter, oscilloscope.
Some computer parts and peripherals.


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