Welcome to SCOPS!

a non-profit association which manages and shares premises of 130m² (ground floor + basement) at 12 rue des Frères Mercier in Besançon. It is the continuation (a little different) of the association SPAM (2014-2019) which was located at 17 rue de l'école.

Committed, self-managed, self-financed multi-use premises
exchanges, meetings, mutual aid, DIY

× different activities and workshops which vary according to the moment and the proposals: repair of objects, musical improvisation, drawing, Russian lessons, drag workshop, conversation in English, political thematic discussion...

× of the events : concert, show, film screening, shared meal, flea market, debate, dart tournament…

× a thrift shop with abandoned clothes and objects that are resold at low prices. A consignment store for decoration, food, clothing and accessories artisans.

× an area cafe/lounge where to sit and chat with the people present, drink coffee/tea/syrup, read a book, play games. 

× a place of permanence/meeting/other activities for friendly associations and collectives.

To be kept informed of what is happening at the moment, you can: subscribe to our monthly newsletter from our website {at the top left}, take a look at our agenda online, or at our facebook, or our instagram.

Desire to organize differently and values

× L'self management : no hierarchy, decisions taken together, everyone can get involved in their own way while being responsible and respectful of others and the place. We are all volunteers 🙂

× Access to workshops and events is generally at free/recommended price. It is also possible to participate by exchanging services or helping SCOPS. We have rent and utilities to pay, but we want to make our activities accessible to all budgets!

×  The thrift store finances part of the rent while advocating recycling 🙂 Our other income is memberships, sales during events and participation from associations/collectives who use the place. The financial participation of associations/collectives depends on the duration of occupation of the premises and the rooms used.

×  We welcome people of all ages, from all backgrounds, without discrimination based on skin color, gender, sexual orientation, food choice (vegan option always available during events!), work or non-work…


× Members can participate in and suggest activities, consume drinks, buy what is on sale, and participate in meetings. Price for one year: 5€ or 1€ solidarity rate, or 15€ to support the association.

×  Volunteers are members who decide to get involved in the organization of activities and the functioning of the association. SCOPS is declared under the collegial mode of operation.

Hey, but actually, what does “SCOPS” mean?
We can simply see it as a fun word to pronounce, we can look for acronyms for it (Syndicat CoOpéritif et Participatif de la Sape, Cucumber Sandwich Olive Pepper Salad, etc.), we can see a reference to a little owl

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