16mm film screenings

Victor De Las Heras is a filmmaker who is part of the ETNA collective. ETNA is a place for creation, training and exchange around experimental cinema in Paris. Victor came to SPAM on August 26 with his 16 mm projector to present four films to us.







Victor De Las Heras and Anaïs Ibert – 12 minutes – Color
Folia is a piece for solo double bass written in 1995 by the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho. This film reflects a personal vision of the work through the interpretation of a double bassist and the eyes of two filmmakers.

Collective film directed by 11 filmmakers from Etna – 15 minutes – B&w
L'Etna is an experimental cinema workshop and artisanal laboratory located in the Robespierre district of Montreuil, near Paris. In this film, 11 filmmakers leave the lab to explore, each in their own way, the realities of the neighborhood around them.
Live Improvised Musical Accompaniment.

Return to Rue d’Eole (six popular paintings),
Maria Kourkouta – 14 minutes – B&w
Insignificant fragments, reworked, reassembled, slowed down and looped, from popular Greek films from the 50s and 60s, accompanied by very short extracts of poems by Greek authors and the music of Manos Hadjidakis. An audio-visual collage, which evokes a return trip to the center of Athens, in contemporary Greece.

Circle Dance,
Robert Todd – 7 minutes – Color
Peaceful turns and loops, twirls, performed and captured.

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